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Islamophobia in our society

Islamophobia is the term used to describe unfounded hostilities towards Muslims. Islamophobia has significantly been on the rise over recent years, and is undeniably something which we as a society need to address. However, this topic also become a taboo...

/ 23rd November 2014

Islamic Society’s Charity Week

  The Islamic Society will be contributing in an exciting project known as Charity Week in a few weeks, and we hope you will all join us to be a part of something amazing. Charity week will be running from...

/ 19th October 2014

Societies event calendar w/c 6th October 2014

  I’m sure there’s a few of you still unsure of what societies to become a part of. Making a decision may be easier with all that’s going on this week.  Check out what these groups are getting up to:...

/ 6th October 2014