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The Monday Playlist: Bonfire Bonanza! 04/11/2013

Hello, Music Fans! Remember, remember the 5th of November – it’s Bonfire Night tomorrow! While you’re busy sucking on your toffee apples, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the glitter in the sky, and keeping warm by the fire, here is a...

/ 4th November 2013

The Monday Playlist: Freshers’ Mixtape

Hello, Music Fans! This week I’d like to offer an additional hello to this year’s DMU Freshers – Welcome to Leicester and to De Montfort University! So here we are again; it’s FRESHERS’ TIME! Yes, one week of partying, drinking...

/ 23rd September 2013

The Monday Playlist: Around The World

Hello, Music Fans! So as we get ever closer to kissing goodbye to another awesome Summer vacation, we Demon Music writers are desperately clinging on to the holiday spirit with our ‘Around The World’ Monday Playlist.  Every country in the world...

/ 2nd September 2013