Tag: Macmillan

Get friendly with Christmas cards

People are already starting to count down the days until Christmas. With the trees up in Department stores, the lights on in the town centres and present adverts taking over the television, it is enough to make you feel sorry...

/ 21st November 2014

The story behind why Demon Media are raising money

‘#GetMeOnAir, what is that?’ That’s the big question on everyone’s lips on campus as Demon Media promote their RAG event over every possible angle of social media. But why are we doing it? Months ago three members of DemonFM’s Station...

/ 26th January 2014


Try and picture this, just for a minute… You’re locked in a cold, creepy, abandoned old gym. For 48 hours. With 19 other people. All deprived of sleep. Being voted on and off the radio by the public. And being...

/ 12th January 2014