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Top Five: Long-Lasting Lipsticks

A statement lip is a perfect addition to any ordinary outfit – a classic firemen red can become every girl's best friend and a delicate nude compliments the smoky eye make up beautifully.

/ 30th September 2016

Make me ‘Perfect365’

I recently saw an article promoting the new phone app ‘Perfect365’, said to be used frequently by Kim Kardashian in order to achieve the perfect, flawless selfie. This app belongs to a growing breed of self-improvement apps like ‘FaceTune’ and...

/ 10th May 2015

Dare to shine?

You may believe that there is no outing or place to go out where you can wear sparkly/caviar lipstick without looking ridiculous, but think again. The products listed below will describe how to let your beauty shine with this bold new...

/ 7th March 2015

Top 5 fashion mistakes women make for first dates

When you’re single and ready to mingle, going on dates can be quite exciting and fun. However, at the same time it can be very nerve-racking and pretty daunting when it comes to choosing the right outfit! First impressions are...

/ 7th February 2015

Marilyn Monroe: the new Global Ambassador for Max Factor

40’s icon, Marilyn Monroe has always been the face and the inspiration of the fashion and beauty industry. Famous for her and red lipstick combined with strong eyeliner and flawless skin; her style was a trend when she was alive...

/ 6th January 2015

Miley Cyrus: The New Face of VIVA GLAM by MAC Cosmetics

Yesterday it was announced that Miley Cyrus will be the new face and spokesperson of MAC Cosmetics’ VIVA GLAM campaign for 2015. Without seeing much of the collaboration, we know that the lipsticks and lip glosses are going to bright, bold and...

/ 30th October 2014

YouTube’s Tanya Burr Launches Cosmetics Line

When it comes to beauty marketing, YouTube is at the forefront. One of the most popular YouTubers (friends with icons such as Zoella, A Model Recommends, and Pixiwoo) is Tanya Burr, a former make-up artist that now showcases her tips...

/ 28th October 2014

Halloween: Roy Lichtenstein ‘Pop Art’ Make Up

Make Your Halloween Costume ‘Pop’! Are you fed up of wearing the same stereotypical outfits for Halloween every year? Well you don’t have to worry any longer – with this Roy Lichtenstein inspired make-up design you will you stand out...

/ 25th October 2014