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The independence of tattoos

University is one of the best ways that you gain a sense of independency away from your family back at home. You’re meeting new people all the time, you’re doing things alone and you’re finding out who you really are...

/ 20th March 2015

Top 5 Christopher Nolan films

No. 5 – Memento The story of a man who must find the murderer of his wife whilst inconveniently having amnesia, Memento deals with time in two different stories. Although not ‘Fight Club’, it can be seen as a cult film, with the...

/ 2nd December 2014

Head-scratching cinema

When you think of the world of film and cinema, most people would associate it as a mindless pass time which you do if you have spare time on your schedule. However, in recent years, this convention may have changed...

/ 18th October 2013