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Getting into media session: digital editorial

So far, from the Getting Into Media Sessions through GoThinkBig, we’ve had editorial and how to get into radio or your dream magazine. Next up is digital editorial, an up and coming strand within the media industry that promises to be...

/ 7th February 2015

Enhance your employability with LoveDSU week

  As part of LoveDSU week, De Montfort Students’ Union is running a networking event today aimed to help improve students’ employability. The event will take place in Level 1 of the Campus Centre from 3.30pm to 5.3opm this afternoon....

/ 14th January 2015

Test your placement potential

With DMU’s Placement Power gearing up for their next event, I caught up with committee member, Tobi Tayo, to find out more about what the society are offering. What will be taking place? The Interactive Assessment Centre will be a...

/ 18th November 2014