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Interview With a Student Nurse

For most students, making a nine AM lecture seems like enough of a challenge, but for a student nurse, a twelve hour shift starting at seven in the morning is a regular day’s work. I spoke to second year student...

/ 21st December 2016

The NHS is sick and tired

The United Kingdom’s beloved National Health Service is poorly. She is overworked, ill-treated and is struggling with money. Her boss; the government, is cutting her wages but expecting the same results, all whilst her customers and reviewers are rude, demanding...

/ 16th January 2015

An interview with Carlo Nero: “My documentaries are about campaigning and awareness”

Carlo Nero is a film writer and director, known for The Fever (2004), Uninvited (1999) and Larry’s Visit (1996). He is part of an impressive acting family being the son of Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave, with Liam Neeson as his brother-in-law. Jack Stuchbury spoke to...

/ 17th November 2014