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On the lookout for cheap laughs

The festive season may have sucked your wallet dry and your January loan may already by dwindling, but do not be downhearted dear reader, as Dave’s Comedy Festival has kindly accommodated for the penniless students! With so many gigs coming...

/ 1st February 2015

The raving days are over

The repetitive playlists, confined spaces and dragged out hangovers have finally lost their appeal to many students and, after two consecutive years of non-stop raving and drinking, most students by third year have decided to give it a rest. Most...

/ 16th November 2014

YourWord: Bar work

According to some ancient tradition, a massive part of the university lifestyle is the social experience that is attached to it. For a fair few, time outside of the lecture theatres is rarely spent without an alcoholic beverage in one...

/ 14th November 2014