Tag: Now Playing on Catalyst

Demon FM: Now Playing on Catalyst, 11/03/2014-16/03/2014

Hello, Music Fans! It’s been a while – how are you doing? We should catch up over a drink and some good music! All of my apologies for not getting back to you sooner but to make up for it...

/ 12th March 2014

Demon FM: Now Playing on Catalyst, 11/11/2013-17/11/2013

Hello, music lovers! What a fantastic week of music we have for you; it’s an absolute pop bonanza! With so much good pop music being released lately, we felt it only right to celebrate that in the only way we...

/ 14th November 2013

Demon FM: Now Playing on Catalyst, 04/11/2013-10/11/2013

Hello, music lovers! Welcome to the first week of Catalyst’s guest slot on Demon Music! Catalyst – if you don’t already know – is Demon FM’s specialist new music show, which plays out live Monday – Friday, 6pm – 8pm....

/ 7th November 2013