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Why Trump’s Attitude Towards Disabled People Offends Me

At an election rally last November, Donald Trump caused outrage when he openly mocked disabled journalist Serge F Kovaleskia. The reporter suffers from a congenital disability which affects the movement of his arms. Trump was seen and filmed making flapping...

/ 15th February 2017

President of De Montfort Students’ Union Suspended

An investigation is currently underway regarding the conduct of De Montfort Students’ Union President, Adil Waraich. To adhere with the Students’ Union’s policies and procedures, Adil has been suspended from his Presidential duties with immediate effect, whilst a full investigation...

/ 20th November 2015

Film review – Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

‘Olympus Has Fallen’  is everything Die Hard 5, a.k.a ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’  should’ve been and more. Whilst I enjoyed old man Bruce Willis’ latest outing as John McClane, it was incohesive, lacked a good villain/story and just passed the...

/ 20th April 2013