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Three Movies for the Perfect Fright Night

I think it’s a universally accepted truth that Christmas can’t be complete without Home Alone playing on the TV. It’s a classic, it’s a tradition and we all love it for a reason. There are some traditional Halloween films that...

/ 20th October 2017

Film review – Evil Dead (2013)

Here we are then; Evil Dead – the remake of the 1980s horror classic has finally arrived – is it a major disappointment? Thankfully no. Is it something special? Nope, it sits nicely at a level where it gives you...

/ 20th April 2013

Film review – Mama (2013)

My hopes weren’t exactly high for Mama. I had the feeling it would just be another horror film thrown out into cinemas with the branding of a well-known director as an executive producer – in this case, Guillermo Del Toro. The film extends on...

/ 26th March 2013