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Spotlight on Sport: Snow Sports

Spotlight on Sport: Snow Sports Demon Snow Sports concentrates mostly on skiing and snowboarding, and these are what we compete in, however we aim to encourage other snow/ice sports such as ice-skating over the year, too. Every Wednesday night you will...

/ 20th September 2015

Hypothermia is not a good look

Even before I decided to study at DMU and live in Leicester, I was vaguely aware of the similarities and differences between England and my homeland. Both have a similar, flat landscape, a lot of greenery (although the amount of...

/ 11th March 2015

How to dress for: A first date

The first date for any girl is a nerve wrecking experience at the best of times and trying to figure out what to wear does not hinder these nerves. Dinner, drinks, or even if you’re planning to meet on an...

/ 25th October 2013