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Upstairs Downstairs at The Shed: Review

Noisy quartet “The Surrealists” finished off an amazing night of local and national acts that performed. I attended “Upstairs Downstairs” at the Shed on Saturday; it was my first time in the venue, and I was quite impressed at what...

/ 10th November 2016

YourWord: Bar work

According to some ancient tradition, a massive part of the university lifestyle is the social experience that is attached to it. For a fair few, time outside of the lecture theatres is rarely spent without an alcoholic beverage in one...

/ 14th November 2014

Why join a Sports team at DMU?

Since results day you have all probably been looking at what DMU has to offer aside from your course. University is not just all about your degree, although that is quite an important part! It is also about the experiences...

/ 17th September 2014