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Trend Report – Pick ‘n’ Mix

Mix and matching patterns has always been a rather daunting and a no go zone when picking out outfits, but, should it be this scary? We at Demon are going to tell you how to make the most of mixing...

/ 1st October 2015

Trend Report: Varsity Stripes – Missguided Picks

During spring over in the States they have ‘March Madness’, but over here Varsity is coming! It’s that time of year where we hope our DMU sports teams will bring us even more wins following last years results. No doubt they...

/ 17th March 2015

High end to High street

The transition from catwalk to high-street has always been a fascination for many writers in the fashion community. The high-streets ability to adapt designs and use catwalk inspiration as well as transforming pieces into affordable prices is extremely challenging; especially if the...

/ 11th May 2013