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#stylebyaxm My name is Alexandru Mitu and I would like to start this by saying many thanks to The Demon, who trusted me and offered me the opportunity to develop such a nice and unique project. “#Stylebyaxm” is about YOUR...

/ 1st November 2018

Demon Media raised over £1000 for Charity

De Montfort University based student media group raised over £1000 for two very worthwhile charities, Mind and Coping With Cancer.  Two weeks ago, award winning student media group, Demon Media, orchestrated one of the biggest projects they’ve ever undertaken as a...

/ 10th March 2017

Student Cars and Insurance: Ranked

So, starting to drive in the UK can be quite expensive, since the insurance for the new and young drivers is ridiculously costly. But it can be achieved; even on a student budget. Also, that does not mean driving a...

/ 6th March 2017

Rail fare increase hits DMU Students

Starting from 2nd January, National Rail increased fares by an average 2.3%. As many university students are dependent on trains to get home this announcement stirred up a lot of emotions among students at De Montfort University. “I’m already paying...

/ 20th January 2017

A Student’s Guide to Christmas

Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time of year but trying to buy gifts for everyone you care about while on a student budget is enough to give anyone a headache. Here are some tips to make Christmas a little bit...

/ 21st December 2016

Interview With a Student Nurse

For most students, making a nine AM lecture seems like enough of a challenge, but for a student nurse, a twelve hour shift starting at seven in the morning is a regular day’s work. I spoke to second year student...

/ 21st December 2016

Need drawing inspiration? The Internet will be your guide!

Most aspiring artists struggle to find inspiration. Even my housemate doing Game Art finds it hard to even draw in his own spare time. But what can be better than looking through boring books filled with how to draw real...

/ 13th November 2016

What does Brexit mean for students?

In the wake of the EU referendum, we ask 'what does the affectionately termed Brexit mean for students?'

/ 30th September 2016

DemonFM: ‘This One Time On My Gap Yah’ BBC Radio 1 Playlist

Yesterday, DemonFM had the privilege of hosting a segment on the BBC Radio 1 student playlist feature. As one of just 12 student radio stations across the UK to have won the chance, DemonFM members were excited to have the...

/ 19th July 2016