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Ladies: suit up!

Recently, at the 2015 SAG Awards, the incredible Julia Roberts arrived on the red carpet in a simple black suit over the choice of a gown or overflowing dress that many women would opt for during any celebrity calendar event. Personally, with...

/ 31st January 2015

Style icon of the week: Lykke Li

Swedish ‘indie-pop’ singer, Lykke Li is not only an incredible musician with an infectious stage presence, but she is also an icon for the masses when it comes to fashion and individual taste in clothing. I love an entirely black outfit,...

/ 29th January 2015

Style icon of the week: Fearne Cotton

  Fearne Cotton has been a style icon of mine for as long as I can remember. Her effortless and unique way of dressing has always given me inspiration in times of need. A typical Fearne outfit might be shirt...

/ 22nd November 2014