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My First Manicure: A Review on My Experience at Superdrug Fosse Park

Are you willing to take a day off and do something for yourself? I got away from my fast-paced life for a Sunday and I felt accomplished. As a little girl I used to always ask my grandmother to paint...

/ 19th February 2019

High as Hope Review

Following their tour of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful in 2015, Florence Welch admits she was straight back in the studio working on her next album. High as Hope, which was released last June, does not disappoint, casting the...

/ 27th January 2019

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – To control or to be controlled

(Warning: the following article contains spoilers!) Who doesn’t like a good Choose-your-own-adventure book? Or a multiple-choice video game? That’s where Netflix original Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s popularity has its roots. The interactive film gave the viewers a chance to make decisions...

/ 25th January 2019

Kylie Cosmetics Review

As soon as Kylie launched her Holiday collection, I had to get my hands on her blush and highlighter. Unfortunately, the blush sold out in a blink. It was worldwide free shipping for 24 hours after the launch so I...

/ 23rd January 2019

The SULETS Demon Media Awards 2017

The biggest night of the year for Demon Media, De Montfort University's award-winning student media group. Find out who won here.

/ 4th June 2017

CLOSED: Demon Media Volunteer Management Applications

The first round of upper management job recruitment is closing soon. You've got until the 1st June at 23:59PM to apply for any of the volunteer management officer roles available.

/ 30th May 2017

The Cure – Manchester Arena

Regardless of age or genre, a band’s stadium credentials are always questioned by certain individuals, especially when it comes to the romance surrounding the teen loneliness of The Cure. But every spectator in the Manchester arena on November 29 fell...

/ 9th December 2016

Clean Cut Kid – Birmingham’s O2 Academy

Clean Cut Kid opened for The Courteeners with an energised set. The band are yet to release their debut album, leaving the crowd excited for the what’s to come. From the first song the crowd were fully engaged and ready for...

/ 24th November 2016

The Demon 2016 Halloween Playlist

Need to add some horror to your Halloween pre-drinks without using the same playlist your mum’s used every year since you were four? Well here’s what we’re going to be listening to.

/ 31st October 2016

INCOMING: The Alt. Sessions. Live Music in Leicester

The Alt. Sessions is a live music event that showcases the finest in Leicester talent, upcoming musicians and displays an eclectic selection of musical styles. The first show will feature four talented artists, all of whom will be performing a...

/ 21st October 2016