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Ready, steady, blog – a guide to starting your own blog

Blogging is a great way to get noticed, share your skills and show your expertise, but where do you start? In this series we will be exploring everything from choosing the right platform, writing your first post to growing your...

/ 10th March 2015

Something about Grace

When the transition from ‘traditional’ to ‘new’ media happened, YouTube became royalty when it comes to finding out what people really do with their spare time. It’s not only become a hub to find out how many ways dry shampoo...

/ 6th March 2015

So you think you’re really pretty?

When I was younger, I was often told that boys loved a girl with confidence over any other trait or look. If a girl was sassy and knew she was sassy; great. If a girl told herself she was beautiful...

/ 8th February 2015