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Homelessness Takes on Society

Homelessness is a rising issue hitting the streets in the UK and Leicester is not to be excluded. As a student who lives in the city centre and also being from Leicester, it has not gone unnoticed how many people...

/ 24th January 2017

Breaking the mould, the hidden victory in the US election.

As many will have heard by now there’s a new president-elect in town and while the Doom-Sayers have been out in force the last few weeks hailing the end of the united states cessation of California from the Union and...

/ 18th November 2016

What does Brexit mean for students?

In the wake of the EU referendum, we ask 'what does the affectionately termed Brexit mean for students?'

/ 30th September 2016

It gets punnier every year

The UK pun championships kicked off to an impressive start this year as Lee Nelson hosted for the competitions 3rd year in a row. The unique thing about a competition based of the cringiest of humor is that the show...

/ 15th February 2016

Will Spectre overtake Skyfall for the highest grossing UK film ever?

    [SPOILERS AHEAD] Spectre is the 24th James Bond film and the successor to the UK’s highest grossing film ever; Skyfall. But did it live up to its predecessor? In my opinion… no it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I...

/ 28th October 2015

Preview: 2014 Victoria’s Secret show in London

This chilly Monday morning was definitely worth getting out of bed for when a group of ‘Angels’ land in London. As of this Monday 1st December, Victoria’s Secret Angels will be gracing us with their presence in our very own...

/ 2nd December 2014

Speech and Language Therapy Students Eat Diet of Soft Foods for Cause Close to Their Heart

Three budding speech and language therapists have been raising awareness for Dysphagia, the medical term for difficulty swallowing. Olivia Hallam, Rosa Holden and Joanne White, all 20 have completed five days on a modified diet: eating pureed and soft foods...

/ 9th November 2014

Make Leicester British: Let’s have a tea party

Tonight the ever probing and issue tackling Channel 4 will be showing a programme about Leicester. Our multicultural home situated in the middle of England has seemingly attracted attention for being a diverse city, and ‘one of the first where...

/ 3rd November 2014

Review: Stooshe – ‘London With the Lights On (Deluxe Edition)’

When we think of girl-bands, we tend to think of a group of ladies in their early 20s crooning about their love lives whilst battling with each other for the role of lead vocalist (think Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls...

/ 7th June 2013