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Why New Year’s Resolutions are the Devil

Chances are, you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution (I’m capitalising ‘resolution’ because it makes it more tangible, rather than abstract. Abstracts are hard to attack). Chances also are, you’ve failed in your resolution to make a positive change in your...

/ 31st December 2014

Make Leicester British: Let’s have a tea party

Tonight the ever probing and issue tackling Channel 4 will be showing a programme about Leicester. Our multicultural home situated in the middle of England has seemingly attracted attention for being a diverse city, and ‘one of the first where...

/ 3rd November 2014

UKIP ride the waves of success as the Tories start to sink

Anyone who’s watched the news in the last week or so, read a paper or even been online must know that the UK Independence Party, more commonly known as UKIP, have secured their first seat in Parliament. Oh dear. Ex-Conservative...

/ 19th October 2014