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Fifty Shades Darker: A guilty pleasure or a tragedy?

  “No rules. No punishments. No secrets.” Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is back with a new job, a new mind-set, and a seemingly fresh, Christian-free life. Well, for the first five minutes anyway. After an arguably long two-year wait, there...

/ 13th February 2017

10 Things NOT To Do On A First Date

With Valentine’s day approaching, Demon TV are going to tell you exactly what NOT to do if you’re going on a first date this Valentine’s Day!

/ 14th February 2016

50 Shades of Grey: BDSM, blurred lines and control freaks

It is all anyone wants to talk about. Fifty shades – Whether you love or loathe it, it is still the words rolling off everyone’s tongues. Cleverly marketed, both singletons and those in relationships alike rushed out to cinemas to...

/ 27th February 2015

Simon from seven kilometres away, I will find you

All first years have now settled back into uni life after the three week Christmas break and personally I’m finding term two so much better. I got some marks back for a previous assignment which I thought went down like...

/ 23rd February 2015

Best dressed celebrity couples

  As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s only obligatory that we praise our most fashionable (and cute!) celebrity couples for this year. It’s hard enough for a singleton to look fabulous when constantly in the spotlight, but when there’s two...

/ 14th February 2015

Make Valentine’s Day personal

Ignoring the first sixteen Valentine’s Days I spent without a partner, for obvious reasons, this year will be my first as a singleton. Am I dreading it? Not particularly. Will I feel the urge to go get stupidly drunk and...

/ 13th February 2015

The psychology behind love

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and love is in the air. Cards will be bought, chocolate will be consumed and public displays of affection will be at an all-time high. Many of you will receive each of these things, I,...

/ 12th February 2015

Valentine’s Day nails tips and tricks

Valentine’s Day is one day when you can go all out on your own look to make you feel as confident as possible. Whether you are in that classic little black dress or going for a more smart/casual look; painting...

/ 12th February 2015

5 things to avoid if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Every single girl’s worst nightmare is being alone on Valentine ’s Day. If it is not bad enough that your parents keep asking you ‘So when you going to bring a nice boy home for us to meet?’ you have...

/ 9th February 2015