Wedding singer

Film Details

Certificate – 12

Cast  – Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor

Directors – Frank Coraci

Running Time – 95 minutes




This week, Katy explains why The Wedding Singer is so cheesy and enjoyable, you’ll HAVE to watch it.

I watch a lot of films, mostly romantic comedies I must admit but this is why I find it quite difficult to define my why this is my favourite film. I tried to think about the films I would choose and I thought about the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the confusing yet brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind but this is probably the film I watch the most. In fact, I could probably watch it every day for a whole week and still not get sick of it and to me that’s the true sign that something’s your favourite. My favourite film is the wedding singer. It’s not cool and it’s not particularly clever but it makes me happy and that’s all I look for in a favourite film.

There are plenty of films that I appreciate and enjoy for all of the clever stuff. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Pulp Fiction and Fight Club are all confusing , clever and look great and you can tell how much thought has been put into every shot but they take effort to watch and you have to be in the right mood but The Wedding Singer gives me easy and enjoyable watching.

Adam Sandler has made many funny films but this is without a doubt my favourite. I love romantic comedies but I’m not a massive fan of the ones that are too soppy and I find that this has the perfect balance between cute and funny. Adam Sandler plays Robbie Hart, a wedding singer in the 80s who’s been ditched at the altar. Drew Barrymore is my weakness, I would see anything that she is in without worrying what it was about and she plays such a cute character in this film who completely endears me to the romance in the film. Her character Julia is a waitress at the weddings Robbie sings at but is engaged to womanising Glenn Guglia (cue endless jokes about a rhyming name) and although the plot line is obvious and it’s easy to forsee the happy ending of a loved up Robbie and Julia, it never pretends to be anything else.

It is completely unashamedly cheesy. The soundtrack is full of embarrassing 1980s pop music and hilarious Adam Sandler penned songs and unsurprisingly, the film was made into a musical a few years ago. The whole film is centred around love so it’s going to be cheesy but the comedy, especially from the larger than life supporting characters, distracts from that. Robbie gives singing lessons to an old woman who pays him in meatballs, he has a best friend who likes to dress up like Michael Jackson and a Boy George wannabe backing singer who only ever sings ‘Do you really want to hurt me?’.

The on screen chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler makes this film for me, which is why I love 50 First Dates almost as much. The objective of all romantic comedies is to make the audience want the couple to get together at the end but with this film it makes me genuinely happy when they do.  I feel like you’re supposed to have a film that impresses you as the one you call your favourite but when I’m able to listen to ‘Grow Old With You’ the song Robbie sings to Julia at the end of the movie without a massive grin on my face then I’ll consider finding something cooler.