Coco Chanel once said “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror and take off one piece of jewellery.” I mean, if we’re going to listen to any Fashion giant, it’s going to be Coco Chanel, right? We are more likely to be less self-conscious about our outfits when we use the mantra: less is more. But sometimes, we also strive for attitude and edge in the garments we wear.

As students we search high and low for brands that are reasonably priced, and offer a wide range of fashionable items, to keep us on trend and to make us feel comfortable. Often enough, we find that one store or brand and love it until the end of time. It is however good to explore and find new brands. So let me add one to your collection; the fresh to death brand that is Monki.

Along with Cheap Monday, COS, and Weekday, Monki is one of the brands that is part of the H&M group. Like its mother hen store; H&M, Monki strive to use chemical-free fabrics, for their garments. Due to the brands ethical approach to their business as a whole, they have appealed to a wider market, securing themselves loyal customers who constantly shop with them.

It’s not just their effortlessly edgy yet simple clothes and accessories that have proven to appeal to their cliental, but it’s the price too! From shirts and dresses that start from £18, you can Monki-fy your wardrobe without hurting your student budget!

While Monki isn’t the only newest brand to have emerged from one of the fashion capitals of Europe; Sweden, it is one of the best! Monki incorporate a mix of wacky graphics to mutual pastel colours and grey tones – including our favourite monochrome. As for style and fit, Monki have gone all out with the runway favourite; bagginess throughout the majority of their line.

Monki blouse0167768004_0_0Monki dress

Unfortunately for us, the only Monki store in the UK is on Carnaby Street in London, so thank your lucky stars for the website. Unleash your inner Monki madness today!

Editor note:

You will be happy to know that if you recommend an item from Monki’s summer collection to a friend via Facebook, you both get an extra 20% off your order.

As always, happy shopping!