Young Kato

Photo (c) Louis Gill via Young Kato on Facebook

Indie-pop music seems to come and go so quickly. It’s filled with forgettable bands and mediocre singles, so it’s nice to find a band like Young Kato who are producing super-tight and fresh tracks.

The six-piece group – hailing from Cheltenham – have seen a dramatic increase in online hits following their appearance on the series five opening episode of E4 reality show, Made In Chelsea. When vocalist, Tommy Wright and bassist, Joe Lever spoke to DemonFM, they said that they do not mind being known from the show, “If you know of us through Made In Chelsea, that’s like, job done.” As the band will undoubtedly become more popular, they will be known as Young Kato – not ‘that band from Made In Chelsea‘.

The band’s new single, ‘Something Real’, ticks all of the same boxes as the tracks on the Young Kato EP, but it gives so much more! With solid drums, bright synths, piercing vocals, and not to mention the huge sounding “OH-OH-OH-AH-OH” chant, it is hard not to sing along to. After listening to their EP, you feel that nothing should change from their sound, but the single polishes the edges further. It is exciting to wonder how their next recordings will sound.

Young Kato Single Cover for Something Real

Plus, they are not one of those bands that only sound good on their record, with their live sound being similarly huge. Frontman Tommy consistently gets their performances going, with masses of audience interaction that is difficult to dislike.

With their youngest member being just 18 years old, who knows what kind of quality music they will end up producing in the next year or so. After suggesting that their album could be released within the year, it is recommended that music fans of all ages keep Young Kato on their radars, and grab their new material when it becomes available.

Young Kato’s new single ‘Something Real’ is out now, via BMG.