July Playlist

Hello, music fans!

This week, we – the Demon Music team – are launching our new weekly feature that will go by the name of The Monday Playlist. Each week, we will be bringing you a new playlist packed with our personal favourite songs of the current week, or based on a theme (i.e. summer tunes or cheesy classics!). We hope that along the way you will discover some new artists and bands to help get you through the academic year, or reintroduce your ears to some top hits from the past. 

With that in mind, we present our first ever playlist that is aptly named ‘The Last Week of July”. This mix hosts each of our current favourite tracks from this past and last week of July (songs in bold), and also our favourite summer tunes EVER following the recent spate of great weather (songs in italics)!

Enjoy, and catch you next week for another Monday Playlist,

Nicola x

Music Editor, demon-media.co.uk

P.S: You’ll need to download Spotify and grab yourself an account to access the playlist!

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1. ‘Wild (feat. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal)’ – Jessie J

Harry Dean says: “Nice upbeat song for any time of the day. Re-inventing her own style and music, Jessie has tried something new and it works! Prepare to have this song stuck in your head!”


2. ‘Boom Boom Pow’ – Black Eyed Peas

Harry says: “Great classic song for the summer weather and a total must have at any BBQ. If you don’t know this song where were you in 2009? Still a classic tune and great listen no matter how old it is!”


3. ‘Supersoaker’ – Kings of Leon

Nicola says: “Ahead of the September release of their sixth studio album, Kings Of Leon have dropped the airy, guitar-filled first single ‘Supersoaker’. Fast-paced and light, it is ideal for the sunset drives to the beach during the big summer break!”


4. ‘Hawaiian Air’ – Friendly Fires

Nicola says: “This song tells the story of travelling to the faraway tropics of the world, and is a sultry dance number with an insanely anthemic chorus.”


5. ‘Tonight’s Tonight’ – Bypassers

Alex Underwood says: “A really fresh indie sound, which is much better than you’d expect after hearing that they list Oasis as a major influence.”


6. ‘In the Summertime’ – Mungo Jerry

Alex says: “Timeless, very 70s and oh so summery (as suggested by the title).”


7. ‘Dear Sister’ – Team Me

Ethan Williamson says: “Team Me are Norwegian and after listening to the track, this won’t really come as a surprise. Why is this my track of Summer? Because it sounds too damn cheerful to remind me of any time of year, I suppose. That and it being my favourite memory of last year’s Latitude Festival.”


8. ‘Rivers’ – Bipolar Sunshine

Natalie Whitehouse says: “It has such a great summer vibe to it and is really upbeat. Not very well known, but it was single of the week on iTunes last week if anyone was lucky enough to take up that offer!”


9. ‘Beautiful Day’ – U2

Natalie says: “This is a feel good song and is one that you can listen to over and over. Definitely one to have on repeat in this weather!”


10. ‘Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake)’ – Jay-Z

Bradley Duggan says: “Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more Justin Timberlake, up he pops on Jay-Z’s new album – Magna Carter… Holy Grail – with some great vocals. Together with the fact that Jay-Z’s performance is pretty decent as well, it means that we are treated to one hell of a song.”


11. ‘Raspberry Beret’ – Prince

Bradley says: “There are so many different songs that I could have picked for my all time summer song but this one really stands out. Probably because it was the soundtrack for travelling through France and Spain. Oh, and maybe the fact that I nearly died thanks to a bus on the Champs Elysees when this was playing. Ahhh… Fun times!”


12. ‘It’s Alright, It’s Ok’ – Primal Scream

Rachael Scarsbrook says: “It’s been out for a month but when the sun’s shining and you’re holding something chilled, Bobby G’s voice is the perfect accompaniment. It channels classics like ‘Movin’ On Up’ and other Screamadelica highlights, but with a 2013 twist that makes them cool – even if your dad loves them just as much as you should.”


13. ‘Baptism’ – Crystal Castles

Rachael says: “It might not be about the summer or to most people’s tastes, but when it’s 3am in a sweaty festival dance tent, the only thing that matters is the melody and Alice Glass’ punk as hell attitude. The ultimate festival band with the biggest vibe of the season.”


14. ‘We Are’ – Karnivool

Hollie Copas says: “This track is sure to please prog-rock fans, and the band are doing what they do best in their new track. With distorted bass lines and a wonderfully off-kilter groove, the track is interesting to listen to as well as enjoyable! Great song to try if you fancy delving into something new and very different!”


15. ‘Feel the Love (feat. John Newman)’ – Rudimental

Hollie says:” Possibly seen as overplayed since its release in May 2012, but I can’t listen to its insanely catchy rhythm and easy-to-remember lyrics without dancing about and thinking of last year’s summer season, which was a perfect concoction of friends, food, drink and festivals!  A definite summer classic.”


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