'Innovera Yakov  -Journey of a Thousand Eyes'

‘Innovera Yakov -Journey of a Thousand Eyes’e. Photo (c) http://www.kiagarriques.com/books/

One of the biggest idioms recited to us within our childhood teachings of social etiquette is to not judge a book by its cover. The genre of fantasy comes plagued by its own misconceptions of childlike imagery, or the stuffy realism of gravity defying attempts and fails to amaze in the world of sci-fi that by now has recycled the same idea dressed in, to be honest, very similar finery  – just with a different detailing and some wacky ass name to complement.

Kia Garriques’ ‘Innovera Yakov  -Journey of a Thousand Eyes’ boasts all the strengths of the fantasy genre with immersion into another world that coupled with descriptive language, portrays a world of captivation and intrigue beyond the everyday imaginings of our own. But one that we can connect with. For the deep messages portrayed in the self- exploration of many characters, through their own journey of self-discovery, speak to us on a level we connect with whilst taking us on our journeys of the many deep unanswered questions that lie in the shadows.

‘Where did we come from? Where are we going? Who are we?’

These aren’t questions the book pretends to offer answers to, but merely expands the horizons on which we look into them through Kia’s own experiences and imaginings; based on her views of the world and her observations of the people around her.

By using the communication of a world entirely different to ours as her example, she is able to defy the limits of the everyday; giving her the ability to focus our attention more towards the things that we are likely to miss through being so rooted by the distractions existing within the very lives we lead.

It’s her very real portrayal of the mystical Innoverans, and their deep relationship to emotion, that leads us from the off into more than just a black and white vision of who we like and hate; into a much vaguer grey area of the complexity of the characters that in turn shows the depth of humanity and the many faces that we all wear.

With so much layering to the story it makes prediction an impossibility and with so many twists and unexpected turns you are left guessing till the very end; proving the point that there is no one answer – only more questions.

It is the perfect beginning to a series which is full of promise for the success of the other books yet to follow and is the perfect literary accompaniment of defying a specified audience; moving beyond a bedtime read for children or light reading of teenage fiction, into a book that many adults would also enjoy and engage with for all the hidden depth spoken beyond the words on the page.

I would recommend this book to anyone with a love and passion for creation, or for anyone that likes to delve beyond just the physical reality we see before us. But also for anyone who appreciates the manifestation of creativity in its prime. For Kia’s rare ability of imagination to create a world that is purely her own, but that speaks to the reader in such a way that makes it feel like it is theirs.

‘Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes’ is available now through Story Star Publishing Ltd.

For more information you can go to www.kiagarriques.com