(l-r) Jack Britton, Dan Nicholas and Lewys Holt

(l-r) Jack Britton, Dan Nicholas and Lewys Holt

Upstairs at the Western continues its season of live events, with comedy from three DMU graduates, Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden.

The trio, comprised of Dan Nicholas, Lewys Holt, and Jack Britton, are a favourite of the Leicester comedy scene. Their bizarrely brilliant show is a unique hybrid of a chat show, in which audience members are pulled up on stage and interviewed, fuelled by an hour of character comedy, sketches, ridiculous antics and an underlying narrative. We caught up with them after their show on the 2nd November, to see how it went. Click below to watch the interview.

Tonight, the show followed the template of previous shows, bringing up audience members, chatting to them and making them take part in challenges. A few of the highlights involved running to the pub below the Theatre, in a desperate bid to get a petition signed to have less petitions. Not to mention Lewys and Jack donning giant dinosaur heads made out of cardboard, whilst Dan forced an unsuspecting audience member to pitch household rooms to them. The Dragons Den pun need not be spelled out here, although I have now mentioned it, if anybody hadn’t quite clocked on.

It wasn’t just all nonsense and fun though. When Dan got both Lewys and Jack on their own, he revealed that the other needed to be out of the group, in a sadistic move so expectant of Dan’s character. This inevitably led into the climax of the show, where between now and the groups next show (30th November), the audience has to vote for who shall stay in. And also who will be president. Not president of anything, just president.

With polls being splashed around social media, it’s up to the audience to decide the fate of the next show. However, these guys will undoubtedly have something up their sleeve, that will almost certainly be not worth missing. If you didn’t come to this show, don’t think you’ll be at a loss at the next one, entitled Conversation Nation. You’ll soon catch up, and be barrelled over with laughter. Although you may not be sure why.

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