For all its tenacity, speed, power and passion, throughout the years sport has delivered some of the most funniest moments. Demon Media has decided to present the top 10 most comedic moments in sport in tribute to Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014.

So we’ll start with boxing, a sport in which it is extremely difficult to see or find the funny side of. On 4th March 2009, in a professional bout Tyson Fury inadvertently smashed himself in his own face. This occurred in the 22-year-old’s 4th-round retirement win over the tough Lee Swaby, in what was Fury’s fourth pro outing. As he went deliver a right-handed uppercut, Fury put so much power into his blow he only slightly caught his opponent but then his momentum lead him to connecting with his own face!

One of the biggest characters in NFL today is Richard Sherman. At the end of a match in a post match interview, Sherman had a rant about how he is the best at what he does, “I AM THE BEST CORNERBACK IN THE WORLD!” Although this moment did not take place during a game it definitely produced so loads of coverage and spoke volumes. The rant itself was very funny and he continued to trash talk  his way to victory. sherman

The first funny football moment we have on the list comes from the World Cup in 2006, in a match between Argentina and Mexico. An amazing performance from both countries meant that the match would have to be decided in extra time or penalties. Luckily for Argentina, Maxi Rodriguez scored a sublime volley to win the game. During the celebrations, one of the cameramen got so close that when Argentina defender Gabriel Heinze turned around he bashed his head against the camera. Obviously he was not happy and as a result pushed the cameraman over.

In the 1992-1993 NBA season, the 7’1 Shaquille O’Neal slam dunked so hard in a game against the Phoenix Suns that he shattered the glass backboard and pulled down the whole backboard, down from its holding stands as well. shaqIt was not the first time that this had happened in a NBA game but it was definitely one of the most comedic and shocking moments.

Another football funny moment, and again it came in an international match. The two teams involved were Ecuador and Chile, and during a throw-in the Chilean defender Bryan Carrasco performed one of the most outrageously funny moments in football. Carrasco grabbed the hand of the Ecuadorian attacker who was about to receive the ball from the throw-in, and slapped himself with it. Fortunately he received a yellow card for simulation and was laughed at by the fans for the rest of the match.

Another moment from the NBA now, this time including two players. In a game between the San Antonio Spurs and Sacremento Kings, two players ran into each other, at full speed in an attempt to get the basketball. Manu Ginobilli and Tyreke Evans’ collision resulted in Evans missing the last frame, and Ginobilli missing the rest of the game from the time of the collision due to a laceration in his ear. Happily neither player sustained injuries.

In 2008, at an MMA event held in Indiana, America called LFC (Legacy F ighting Championship) one of the craziest and funniest things happened. Two fighters, Bryan and Parker were making their professional debuts. In the first round, after only 8 seconds both the fighters knocked each other out simultaneously. They both hit each other with straight punches and felt to the mat at the exact same time. The fight was obviously stopped and it was called as a draw.

Last year’s Capital One Cup tie between Tottenham Hotspurs and Aston Villa produced one of the funniest moments of football.


Tottenham Hotspurs defender Jan Vertonghen pulled down the shorts of Nicklas Helenius whilst trying to tackle him in the area.

Amazingly the attacker was still able to take the shot although he missed, and what was even more amazing was that the referee did not call a foul.

Snooker is a sport in which the player needs to show a lot of mind power, tactics and perseverance. At the World Snooker Championships 2012, Mark Allen played Cao Yupeng in a 19 frame game. In the 15th game Mark Allen was left to pot the black ball and win that frame. As he potted the black ball he put his cue on the table and as he was making his way to his seat he noticed the white ball had not stopped moving and eventually rolled into the top pocket resulting in a loss for him.

Finally, in the Champions League Final 2008, Chelsea and Manchester United went head to head. It was an amazing match to watch and after 90 minutes it was 1-1 which meant that extra time will have to be played. Although Chelsea deserved to win having hit the post and the crossbar in the 30 minutes of extra time, penalties would have to decided it. The funny moment came when John Terry, who had he scored would have won the Champions League for Chelsea stepped up to take his penalty. As he took his penalty he slipped and hit the ball on to the outside of the post. For everyone but a Chelsea fan this has to be one of the most funniest moments in sport. terry