My style icon this week is the ever-so-stylish Ellie Goulding. Since hitting the celebrity scene in 2009, Ellie has been featured nearly everywhere being praised for her unique and unforgettable style, as well as her incredible music. I love the way she isn’t scared to dress casual but still put on a glittery frock when she wants to.

You may notice a common denominator between my style icons, and it is that they are all quite androgynous – I just love that look!

How do I try and incorporate her style in my own wardrobe? As we know, Ellie is a massive fan of the leather look (as am I) and she is often photographed wearing leather shorts or trousers paired with a casual tee. I love this look as it adds a little something that you wouldn’t get from wearing a regular pair of jeans; a sense of ‘edginess’ I guess.

Monochrome is also a massive statement that Ellie loves to style, which I think is great when it comes to a wardrobe on a budget – everything that is black and white is so versatile.

Similarly, Ellie is constantly switching up her fashion sense, which I seriously admire. Who says we can only like or wear one particular style? As we change as people, so does our style.

So, in my opinion Ellie is doing it right. Personal style with an edge, which is constantly evolving despite all of the fashion trends!