TV these days is laden with people clawing their way to the top regardless of the consequences. As viewers we love an anti-hero. So without further ado here are the 3 most power hungry characters in TV who speak to that little part of our brain that dreams of crushing our enemies.  In no particular order:



Tywin Lannister.

The Game of Thrones series is all one big bloody struggle for supremacy. So much so you begin taking bets on who will come out on top when eventually George RR Martin finishes his acclaimed series (roughly the year 2048). However, as one of the most fantastically dubious, yet ambiguously aligned characters he pulls the viewer in with his pure ambitious deviousness in every scene he’s in. This guy has wreaked havoc on Westeros to such a degree that there is a song written to be played by bards when Tywin has decided that you are in his way. The Red Wedding is still raw for many. Never forget.

Frank Underwood.

American politics is devious. Lots of backroom deals, lots of under the table handshakes. Or at least that’s what Netflix’s House of cards would have you believe. Frank Underwood is the embodiment of the worst of the worst of backroom politics. He’s not above destroying a life or two to get his way. He’s a man who’s cool and friendly on the outside, but when he talks to the camera reveals that he’s ready to blackmail and bludgeon his way through politics to get his way. Kevin Spacey does an amazing job of portraying a man who has no qualms about bending the rules of politics for pure personal gain.

Walter White

Everybody already knows about the pure lengths this man went to get what he wanted. What started out as an innocent little meth-making, family-supporting venture turned into a full blown cartel, with many people left behind in its wake. From strangling a chained up man to death to blowing up a drug dealers den Walter White would stop at nothing to create the empire he was cheated out of back in college.

So next time your thinking about how your eventual rise to power will take form as you crush your enemies upon the rocks of their own hubris remember some of the handy tips and tricks you learned from TV’s 3 most power hungry characters.