Sky Ferreira is known for her wickedly catchy electropop music that is full of attitude – as well as her style! Her effortless 90’s grunge vibe is something that I absolutely love and aim for on a regular basis; it’s casual, cool and like her music, packs a punch.


Her release of ‘Everything is Embarrassing’ in 2012 shot Sky to stardom because of its sultry sounds, the likeable lyrics and 80s-esque beat. Prior to the release of ‘Everything is Embarrassing’ and the album that followed it, titled ‘Night Time, My Time’, Sky Ferreira had some incredible music that went pretty much unheard. Thanks to YouTube, those underground songs are still available for your enjoyment. Check out ‘Obsession’, ‘108’, ‘One’ and ‘Haters Anonymous’.


Sky, once upon a time, had this mass of shocking blonde hair with curls spouting strong from all angles. It was something I loved about her look as it presented her as this brand new wild child on the scene, with unusual but amazing music. Later, she revealed a shorter, straighter style in black, resembling Joan Jett in her younger days – but still as wild as ever!


I love Sky’s style because she doesn’t care about how she comes across. With her eyes darkened in kohl liner and lips constantly red, Sky has this look of nonchalance on her face whilst living in the moment. It’s no wonder that she is a muse to so many people, including one of my favourite photographers, Hedi Slimane, who has captured her in some of her best moments.

Check out Sky Ferreira and her music – she’s one to keep an eye on!