It’s November 4th, a day too early to celebrate Bonfire night, but that is just what we did. Bundled up in winter coats, gloves, hats and scarves we, the students of De Montfort and Univeristy of Leicester, all huddled together in a large barn decorated with fairy lights, perched on hay bales and holding cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate provided by a group called ‘Convinced’ formed from both De Montfort and Leicester University’s Christian Union. Despite being on a farm in rural Leicestershire everyone is lively and clearly enjoying themselves, excited for the bonfire that would happen later on in the evening.

With a barn full of students the turnout for the evening’s event is a great success for Convinced, whose spokespeople express their gratitude to everyone attending. To officially start the event we are given a short and friendly talk on the similarities between fire and Jesus. The approach is down to Earth and light hearted, allowing for everyone to feel relaxed despite the cold.

The most anticipated part of the event begins ten minutes after the speech is over; the Bonfire. As we make our way towards the field where the bonfire is being prepared we are handed free hotdogs, homemade cakes and chocolate apples from the event helpers, and then it starts. Gathered in a circle around the large fire in the open field, we watch the bonfire come to life and burn brightly, warming chilly night air. Students who have brought along sparklers light them up, enjoying themselves before, finally, the fireworks display begins and everyone cheers loudly,

Lasting only two hours the event, though short-lived, was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end thanks to the members of Convinced who helped to put it together. The evening was fun, relaxed and a great time for everyone who attended to celebrate Bonfire night, making the event a successful one.