Gurdain Singh Rayatt – Flashy Fingers – 6.30pm Friday, Embrace arts and 12.15pm New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

Professional tabla player with a performance that is authentic to the art form yet captivating for rhythm lovers and all audiences featuring rhythmic complexities, dramatic compositions, punchy grooves and harmonic delivery. Tabla reimagined!

Joe Snape – Larmlicht #5 – 5.30pm and 9.30pm Friday, PACE Building (DMU)

Joe uses off instruments, found objects and electricity to make unusual musical performances.

The Hermes Experiment – Psychological tales – 4pm Saturday, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, 2pm. Sunday, Upstairs at The Western

An exploration of psychological states through the ages using contemporary music from a quartet who perform diverse experimental compositions and arrangements while venturing into live free improvisation.

thomasthinks – Plynth – 10pm Saturday, The Lansdowne

An audio-visual performance featuring live instrumentation and spontaneously generated visuals. Each of the participants are artists within their own right and will be coming together to create something extraordinary, creating an uplifting ambience of spontaneity, delicate sonics and poetic expression, blurring the boundaries between sonic and visual arts. Artists: David Hepple – Guitair, Glen Hicks – Bass, Tom Harris – Beats, Keys, Voice and Will Pettipher – Visuals and Saxophone.