DMU Men's Volleyball during their game against University of Nottingham

DMU Men’s Volleyball during their game against University of Nottingham

DMU Volleyball’s BUCS campaign for this season has gone to a flying start with wins all around including a pre-varsity game.

The atmosphere at a volleyball game is intense. With every move making a difference, it is all to play for and games can go either way. Unless of course, you are DMU Men’s Volleyball in which case you seem to have no problem in taking the win, bagging the all important league points and watching DMU Women’s Volleyball put University of Leicester to shame.


DMU Men’s Volleyball vs University of Nottingham 

The evening began with DMU Men’s Volleyball taking on University of Nottingham Men’s 3s at home. With the benches full of supporters the atmosphere was set for the premier game of the season. The first set saw early faults from both sides but DMU found their composure and easily took the lead scoring point after, giving Nottingham no time to catch up. With Nottingham trailing behind with 14 points, DMU took their 25th point and the first set with spectators cheering on. The second set followed the same suit as the first with DMU grabbing point after point. Nottingham reached 17 points before DMU once more took their 25th and the set.

DMU serving against University of Nottingham

DMU serving against University of Nottingham

Knowing DMU only required one more set to win and that it was all to play for, Nottingham rallied together and put DMU to work. With the women’s team now leaving for their own game, the match was left with less spectators who were still just as loud. This set saw changes in team line up and fresh players being put to work. The ambience of this set was tense as both teams were tied throughout, leaving the set to go either way. Determined not to allow DMU a clean sheet, Nottingham stepped ahead and claimed the set 25-22.

With the current score 2-1, the match could go either way. Set four sees DMU step up from the unfortunate loss of the previous set and play like they really wanted that win. Giving Nottingham no chance to catch up, DMU claimed point after point before hitting the 25th whilst Nottingham trailed behind with 14. Set four claimed leaving the score 3-1 to DMU. A win and 3 points on the board. Captain Luke Gamby said “We played really well, played strong and we hope we’re just going to keep committed and carry on playing like this for this season on”


DMU Women’s Volleyball vs University of Leicester 

DMU Women's Volleyball against University of Leicester

DMU Women’s Volleyball against University of Leicester

DMU Women’s Volleyball at the same time were beginning their first game in three years. Women’s Volleyball have not had a team entered in BUCs for a couple of years so their first game away against University of Leicester was sure to be one to watch. Despite their lack of match experience, DMU spirits were high and their game play was even better.

DMU had complete domination of the first set, being already 0-1 up when the men’s team arrived from their game. With the added support of the the club and added pressure to bring home a double win, DMU played exceptionally as reflected in the score. Despite letting their game slip with a few balls hitting out, DMU rallied together and claimed the second set. Knowing it was all still to play for despite only needing one more set to win, DMU had their game faces on and an undeterred spirit.

With the visible annoyance of the oppositions coach showing, DMU were all in good spirits and the atmosphere of the court was second to none with both Leicester and DMU supporters on the side cheering their teams on. It was 1-1 into the third set when match play was paused for an injury on the Leicester team. After finding a substitution, the set resumed, as did DMU’s annihilation of the match. It wasn’t long before 25 points had added up onto the DMU side handing them the set and the match.

After the match the team said “We haven’t had so many training sessions but we have a very good team and very good players so we managed to win 3-0 and it’s very good. We feel great and we feel like a team because we were united and helping each other. We hope to carry on winning throughout the season.” On the court it was impossible to imagine that this team had not existed in previous seasons. The ladies played with such grace and skill of a professional team, we can expect big things from them this season.


DMU Men’s Volleyball vs University of Northampton

Next the men’s team played against University of Northampton on and won comfortably after a shaky start. By winning this game, it sent the DMU Men’s Volleyball to the top of the table whilst keeping Northampton at the bottom. Chairman Kim Magdales said “much improvement with communication is needed as we still dropped a set against the struggling Northampton team.”


DMU Women’s Volleyball vs Nottingham Trent University

The women’s team on the other hand played the Nottingham Trent Women’s 1st last  and completely dominated winning 3 sets to 1. But even the lost set which consisted of rotational players only lost 25-23. however the sets that our womens team won were of a much bigger margin 25-15, 25-15 and the final set 25-13


Match Preview

DMU Volleyball celebrating after their double win

DMU Volleyball celebrating after their double win

Chairman Kim Magdales is confident in his club and hopes for two wins in the following two matches. “Training today focused on attacking movement and plays, preparing for our cup match against Nottingham Trent Men’s 1st, the team which we struggled against losing both home and away games in the league last season. Revenge is big motivator for this match, so its one to look out for. We have a stronger and more talented team than before so we should at least give them a hard time and maybe even come out with a win!”

“The women’s team had no training recently but that being said I am confident that they are THE team to beat this season by looking at the talent and commitment first hand that everyone of them is showing. It might still be early but I’m sure good things will come with DMU Volleyball this season.”


DMU Men’s Volleyball are playing away against Nottingham Trent University on Wednesday 12 November in the  BUCS Midlands Conference Cup. 

DMU Women’s Volleyball are playing at home against University of Lincoln on Wednesday 19 November in the BUCS Midlands League. The match takes place at the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre starting at 17:00.