DLCF LogoThe line-up for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2015 has been announced.

The annual festival takes place in February and

this year it will run from the 4th to the 22nd. The festival, now in its 21st year, sees the city’s venues fill up with fantastic comedy acts from all over the world.

The line-up this year includes Shappi Khorsandi, Jimmy Carr and Sean Walsh. The chance to watch so many great comedians in local, intimate venues should never be missed. If you’ve never seen live comedy: seize the opportunity. These aren’t stadium tours where all you can see is a large TV screen depicting a comedian who you went to see live because you’ve seen them on a small TV. Dylan Moran is performing a warm-up show at Curve. Moran has been voted the 14th Greatest Stand-Up Comedian, appeared in Shaun of the Dead and starred in Black Books and he’s performing in an 800-seater venue which is a ten minute walk from DMU. What more could you ask for?

It’s not all people off the telly though. There are plenty of circuit favourites such as Robin Ince, Danny Ward and Pappy’s. There are also a lot of DMU related comedy shows this year. Demon Media are hosting ‘Live at Level 1’ which will feature members of DMU Comedy Society performing alongside a special guest. The festival will see the return of DMU Comedy’s ‘Gagging for Attention’ show which they perform at the Leicester Comedy Festival every year. DMU Comedy’s Shaun Turner is curating the weekend stand-up show at Embrace Arts: ‘Embrace the Weekend’. Ex-chairman David Murphy and alumnus Sarah Keyworth are performing an hour of stand-up between them in ‘Comedy and Cocktails’. ‘English Comedian of The Year’ winner and alumnus Jack Campbell will be performing his first solo hour-long stand-up show ‘Is This The Best Of Jack Campbell?’ And if that’s not enough for you then alumni Dan Nicholas and Lydia Rickards will also be performing their stand-up show which is called ‘Yours Desperately, Dan and Lydia’.

The festival also sees the return of Just the Tonic. The venue, which closed the doors of its Leicester comedy club for the last time earlier this year, will be returning for the festival. It will not, however, be reopening the derelict Just the Tonic on Granby Street. The venue will be running shows at Hansom Hall and will feature Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize 2014 winner ‘Funz and Gamez’ an anarchic kids show with a lot of jokes aimed squarely at the adults. Also performing at Just the Tonic are Nina Conti, Sean Walsh and Matt Forde among many others.

Tickets will sell out quickly, and Christmas is coming so why not buy your loved ones two tickets to a show you want to see and hope that they take you with them? Here are some of my recommendations:


Stewart Lee – A Room With A Stew

Where? De Montfort Hall

When? 12th February

The genius stand-up, whose cerebral and satirical comedy earns him a place in my top three favourite comedians ever, is performing at De Montfort Hall. The show is part of a series of warm-up shows in preparation for the next series of his critically acclaimed BBC Two Series ‘Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle’.


Robin Ince – Kill Your Television

Where? Firebug

When? 5th February

Robin Ince returns with, what I expect to be, another motor-mouthed and very funny splurge of whichever fascinating ideas have been ruminating in his mind this year.


Josie Long – Cara Josephine

Where? The Y

When? 17th February

The three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and cult optimist is back with her most personal show to date – about love and being outdoorsy as a bear.


Sean McLoughlin: Overthrow the Descent

Where? The Belmont Hotel

When? 18th February

I took a punt on his free show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 and found that McLoughlin’s angry, cynical humour provided just the right combination of self-deprecation, self-pity and darkly amusing observations to balance out the other free show I took a punt on that day. I ran out of the other show because it was stomach-churningly bad and I got the impression that the comedian was going to kill us all. I’ve seen Sean several times since and he’s never disappointed.


Joke Thieves

Where? The Y

When? 15th February

Joke Thieves is a brilliant format for a stand-up show. Four comedians perform five minutes of material before then swapping sets with each other. In the second half of the show, each has to perform one of the other comedians’ sets from memory. You never know what to expect in Joke Thieves. It’s usually hilarious and it’s certainly never dull.

For further information, to buy tickets, and to see the entire line-up, go to www.comedy-festival.co.uk