netballOn Saturday, November 29, a group of eight netball girls represented DMU netball in a development tournament set-up by the Law Society at University of Leicester.

The group we entered were a mix of players from the fourth and fifth teams and they played against many teams from across the Midlands area, including Nottingham Trent, Warwick and Leicester University.

This was the first time most of them had played together, so they knew it was going to be a challenge before they even started.

Gem Brelsford and Becky Harkins, the co-captains for the day, knew that the team had to have a strong warm up and communicate well together to make sure the girls were ready and raring to play.

The opposition teams were strong, which resulted in DMU’s team losing  first few games.

However, the girls had some motivation talk from their captains and a big push from Kiara, their coach and  they came fighting back stronger than ever to draw their last match.

The girls were so excited and all felt they took a lot from the tournament, as for many of them this was their first match for DMU.

Even though the girls did not win, they had a great time playing at the weekend and gained lots of experiences which will help them to win in future matches.

By Shawnee Linstead