Artists throughout the world have been paying tribute to the murdered cartoonists from CharlieHebdo the French satirical magazine. This act of brutal terrorism which struck the heart of Paris earlier this month has inspired a wave of artistic responses eager to express solidarity in the face of heartless violence.

French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo to feature Muhammad pictures

The fact that the people killed were cartoonists has been responsible for a large outpour of reactions from the artistic community, all in anger and frustration that even today freedom of speech is still attacked in such a horrendous way. As can be expected, the irony behind the attacks means that the Charlie Hebdo magazine has been viewed, googled searched and purchased by more people than ever before, with the next issue predicting to sell over a million copies. The extremists killed these cartoonists to silence them, but by doing so they have done the complete opposite. The artistic community has hit back, with the strongest theme depicting the universal truth that the pen is stronger than the gun.

Charlie Hebdo art

Tribute, JR. This photograph conveys a powerful force of protesters parading the eyes of the murdered cartoonists through the streets of Paris. Its message is clear- power to the people, and power to those murdered regardless of their deaths.

Charlie Hebdo art 2

Tribute, Born K. This striking drawing emphasises the prominent message which has risen out of this horrendous disaster- words are the most powerful of weapons.

Charlie Hebdo art 3

Tribute, Antoine Stevens. This propaganda- style artistic response depicts multiple faces angrily open mouthed, as if shouting in protest. The main feature of the artwork is the boy, face covered, as if to horrified to face the reality and responses to the brutal attacks.

Charlie Hebdo art 4


Tribute, Lucille Clerc. “It’s a small way to contribute, to make a drawing,” says Lucille, “It’s a little drop in the end, but if it inspires and encourages people to react in a positive way, then it’s good.”

Charlie Hebdo 5Tribute, David Palumbo. This artistic response again reinforces the battle between gun and pen.





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