With Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2015 creeping ever closer, DMU Comedy’s Callum Taylor spoke to the charming comedian Devvo for this incredibly candid interview.

First of all, thank you for the childhood anthem at our school which was ‘Donny Soldier’. There were many fierce debates about whether Devvo was ‘real’ I’m happy to be able to say you are.

Thanks. Donny Soldier is an absolute belter of a tune. It keeps me up at night because it is so good. I can’t stop thinking about how f****** good it is. I want to do a Christmas version where I have a choir of little kids singing ‘Christmas is here and its f***** f****** buzzin’. I haven’t been able to find a suitable choir yet. But then you went and let yourself down with your s*** unoriginal annoying as f*** added extra bit at the end of the high quality praise though. I get asked this s*** all the time. I am Darren Devonshire. Devvo for shorts. Like I give a f*** if some spotty d***weed wannabe journalist gives a f*** what people have been saying. Will it be real when I smash your teeth into next chooseday. When I say chooseday, I mean you will be choosing your next teeth at the dentist. I would go for some whiter ones. I am real as owt.

Where did the name Devvo come from?

In some court rooms that question could be seen as entrapment. It is my name. Darren Devonshire. They call be Devvo cos I stink of s***.
Is your character based on anyone?


If a used fag has lipstick on would Devvo still smoke it?

I smoke anything mate. If it has lipstick on it then it is like getting off with the bird who has smoked it and that. Also birds have f****es and your (sic.) pretty much kissing them by smoking them kind of fags.

Would Devvo dry out a fag before smoking it if there was enough of it left?
Yes mate. I sometimes toast the baccy on tinfoil before smoking it in a bong. I think it either gives your parkinsons or takes it away. I’m ace at parking cars anyway so it doesnt really matter.

What animals are acceptable to kick when dead and which are not?

No one is kicking dead lions cos they will come back as real lions and bite your balls off. My mate did that once when his ferarri airoplane (sic.) crashed in the zambizi (sic. – You know what, I’m going to stop marking these mistakes. If there’s a spelling error, assume it was Devvo’s) river and then he had only got pot noodle left and 4% battery. He spent 3% battery writing swears on the calculator bit. He drop kicked a lion and then it came back as a lion bar and ate half of his nob off. Just kick what you want is my answer.

Are you excited to be coming to Leicester again?

I have always liked Leicester. I did a gig there once where there were loads of coppers there and I asked them why weed was illegal but booze wasnt. They had really bad answers about i might go and rob houses for my next fix of weed but that dunt make sense because weed makes you scared of the bright light in the kitchen so leaving the house for robbery is not on the wavelength. Like it in Leicester. Used to own a restaurant and a bed and breakfast there. Burned them down for being shit.

Has the character Devvo evolved over time?

Not a character nob cheese. Has your nob got smaller over the years?

Do you still get to prank call people for money?

I just get money and then spend money. I will do owt for a quid.

Are you excited to be part of Bob Slayer’s ingenious pay-what-you-want financial model?

Bob Slayer is a proper good bloke. He has always got a plan and his plans are usually pretty good. He could be a millionare if he was a t***** and a typical w***** but he isn’t and Id rather him be a man of the people and proper than some swag c*** from London who gives no f**** about anybody. We have had some good times did me and the boy. I remember one time at a festival called Tidy Weekender where I was checking peoples eyes for pills which made no sense but they were all f***** so they went along with it and Bob nearly got us chucked out because he had got all pissed up and stole some sandwiches from the shop. Another day later and he threw loads of pennies on the floor as a stand against me being mardy because I hadn’t been paid properly. He was all red faced and cross like a constipated walrus that had just been overcharged for his electricity bills. He can drink all the booze and can have all of the plans and sometimes can be too excited but I know which corner I would want him in…the one that doesn’t have the sandwiches in. I would take 3 bullets for him. As long as I knew I wasn’t going to die.

Devvo is hosting ‘Devvo’s Friday Night Show!’ every Friday of the festival at Heroes@LCB Depot.