Photo: The Guardian

Photo: The Guardian

The solar eclipse that everyone is suddenly talking and reporting non-stop about is taking place today. In Leicester 90% of the sun will be blocked out at precisely 9:32am. We will be plunged into near darkness, and contrary to the ‘it’s the end of the world’ rumours, everything should go back to normal: cloudy and murky with more than a chance of rain.

The Telegraph have dug deep and found a connection with Richard III (who is going to be reinterred next week) and eclipses: “A spectacular solar eclipse happened shortly before the fatal Battle of Bosworth field which was seen as a bad omen for Richard. It was said that as Richard’s defeated body lay beneath the arches of the Church of the Annunciation, in Leicester, it is believed that a blood-red moon shone down on his battle-scarred corpse.” Hopefully this is not a bad omen for Leicester and Richard III again.


The eclipse has already started down South, with Cornwall so you had better hurry and pick your viewing spot! In the last 500 years there have only been 8 total solar eclipses that could be seen from the UK. Just remember not to look at the eclipse directly, and this includes through camera lenses. No selfies! You should use some 3D glasses, special eclipse glasses or make a pinhole camera.

If you are stuck inside at work or in a lecture, don’t worry. The eclipse is going to be televised so you can sit back and relax whilst eating your mid-morning Jaffa Cake snacks. Total eclipse.

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