MARCIt’s come out this week that Marc Jacobs has decided to end the run of his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection that has been going strong since 2001.

The reason for this is still a little foggy, but Marc Jacobs has said that future collections of his ‘Marc Jacobs’ brand will be the combination of that with Marc by Marc Jacobs to create a strong and incredibly stylish hybrid for those who love the quirkiness of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

In a statement about the brands’ closing, Jacobs told WWD, “We’ve gone through many different ways looking at what [Marc by Marc Jacobs] was initially and how it had gotten away from that, and I think again we’re back to that same thing,” he added. “The way to do it is that this is under one label.”

With the idea of essentially ‘starting from the beginning’, Jacobs has high hopes for his brand. Unfortunately, the AW 15 collection was the last we will see of Marc by Marc Jacobs, which you can watch here: