When I was 12, radio seemed Russell Brand and Matt Morgan image like a bit of an old person’s thing. I never really listened to it. Then I was bored one night and decided to see if there was anything on the radio. I stumbled upon a wittering dickensian voice, his hypochondriac co-host, and their poet laureate. They talked about bizarre anecdotes about gay dogs and women marrying dolphins, and got up to the kind of antics which would eventually make national news.

I listened to that show, both live and as podcasts, every week until sachsgate took the Russell Brand Radio Show off the air. It was a shambolic, anarchic show which followed none of the rules of professional radio but, unlike a lot of professional radio, it was incredibly entertaining. It was like chatting to your two funniest friends for a couple of hours every week. It had a welcoming, inclusive air without the formality or restrictions of most entertainment mediums. Since he was taken off air, there have been many opportunities to be entertained by Russell Brand; stand-up, TV shows, his Trews Youtube series, and several Hollywood films. What Russell lacks in these mediums is his co-presenter Matt Morgan, who plays the straight man. The dynamic between the two of them, with Morgan taking Brand to task over his behaviour and the two (belly) bouncing off one another, is what makes the show work so well. It’s a cliché, but Morgan and Brand create the atmosphere of talking with two funny friends of yours, so much so that it feels odd to refer to them by their last names.

Since Sachsgate, there have been several attempts to revive the show. For a month in 2010, the show returned on Talksport. Then, in 2013, there was a one off show in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Now the show has made a true comeback. I have restrained from writing this article until I was sure it wasn’t a passing reunion, but now that they’re 15 episodes in, I feel like it’s safe to say that they’re back for real. This time they’re podcasting, a medium which is much more suited to their non-PG content. The podcast is available exclusively on Audioboom, a free podcast distributor. Click here to have a listen.