Roll up, roll up freshers – the best days of your life have begun! Welcome to DMU, but more importantly; welcome to Leicester! Whether you’re a small town girl looking for an adventure, or a city boy looking to live it up, you’re definitely in the right place.

Away from Mum and Dad, ready to seize your independence? Wondering what Leicester can offer you? Well listen up my friends –  I’m about to tell you.

Night Life

You’ve probably already done your research on this one, but let me fill you in some more. Leicester is THE place to be. You’re never more than ten minutes away from a bar; with haunts like Polar Bear and Soar Point situated right on campus you’re all set for a lively night.

Looking for a bit more? Not to fear – the town is thriving with clubs! From rock gods to classic lovers, there’s a club out there for you!

Don’t forget about Injunction held every Wednesday at the Students Union – cheap, close, safe – perfect.

(TIP: Most bars offer discount nights – cheap cheap cheap! Make sure you ask when Quids Night is on!)

Love to shop?

As one of the largest shopping centres in the country The Highcross never disappoints! Two floors filled with the top high street stores and plenty of student offers up for grabs, it’s definitely worth checking out! Make sure your overdraft is ready; the sales are lethal.

Being a bit cautious with your money? Worried about buying the essentials on a weekly budget? Well worry no more! The Highcross Student Lock In, offering massive discounts and freebies,  takes place at least three times a year! Follow them on twitter @Highcross to keep up to date with all events and offers!

(TIP: Download Voucher Cloud to get exclusive discounts on shopping around Leicester)


You’ll find St Peter’s Square right next to The Highcross offers a wide range of restaurants. With everything from Frankie and Benny’s to Wagamama’s to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice! For a cheaper dining experience try eating out on a Monday night – most restaurants offer 15-25% off your bill on top of your student discount!

(TIP: Download Voucher Cloud to get exclusive discounts on food and drink around Leicester)

Welcome to DMU freshers – you’ll be living like a local in no time!