Lucy Rose Parton, more commonly known as Lucy Rose, is a singer/songwriter from Warwickshire. Her second album, Work It Out, was released earlier this year and she has been touring around Europe and the UK demonstrating what that album’s got to offer.

Lucy and her band played a heartfelt show consisting of tracks from both her albums; a mix of chilled acoustic songs, slightly darker and heavier songs using more experimental sounds and some reworking of old tracks into a more alternative style. She opened with new album track ‘Cover Up‘ which features angular guitar riffs and heavy drums. Her soft voice displayed an immense adaptability, fitting with her quieter folk-inspired songs yet also working well with the electrified numbers.

A crowd highlight from the gig was when Lucy was joined on stage by one of her support bands, Flyte. An indie/alternative four-piece from London who abandoned their instruments and gathered around one mic to sing backing vocals on her track, ‘Like An Arrow’ – providing was a great sense of community on stage.

The first half of the gig was up-beat and exiting, filled with sing-along songs like ‘Lines‘, ‘Shelter‘ and ‘For You‘. However, the vibe came right down to a sharp halt during her haunting performance of ‘Shiver‘, with the music focused on Lucy’s acoustic guitar and her voice. Lucy also took the time to chat to the audience, and laughed about some fan comments she overheard that ‘Shiver is brutal. It’s deep, but it’s brutal.’

It didn’t take much persuasion for the band to come back and do an encore. She began by playing ‘Into The Wild‘ completely solo, just her and her electric. The venue was spellbound, proving that her songs can be layered up and padded out with drums, bass and keys, but her effortless ability to create songs which have such a raw meaning is right there at the core of each track. Finishing with ‘Work It Out‘, followed by ‘Red Face‘, a song which embodies the whole concept of the first album, growing and leaving the past behind, shows her progression as an artist and a songwriter.