When I turned up for Joel Dommett’s pick of the week I had no idea what to expect. None of the performing acts had been announced so it was honestly a hit and miss on whether this was going to be a barrel of laughs or a roll of a hay in a western film but I had faith.

The room was not packed there is no denying that, but, honestly, you all missed out, because even though in Joel’s own words there was “as little people as possible spread as thinly as possible” the show was still a success.

Set in Peter’s Pizzeria Violin room the venue has some great potential it’s just a little strange to work out as you walk into the restaurant and the have to go upstairs to find the a very small room with yep you’ve guessed it violins hanging from the ceiling.

Although the venue was strange and the not many people were there the show was definitely a success Joel who was presenting because- as you can tell from the title of this article, it was his pick of the week. He managed to make you forget about everything else, it takes a true comedic talent to have you laughing simply at a coughing fit.

With many people Joel had discovered had seen him before it shows that he has a strong and loyal fan base.  And it turns out an eye for talent, as his pick of the week were bloody hilarious.

Leo Kearse Scottish-born Londoner had a fantastic delivery and talked about the horrors of online booking for trains and the horrendous prices for a one-way ticket that many students can relate to. It should also be mentioned here that Leo was, in fact, the 2015 UK Pun Champion which is a testimony to how funny he really is and this isn’t even his day job!

The other comedians had a range comedic styles with Ahir Kahn and Joel really did pull out of the bag making a small but dedicated fans laugh their socks off. Everyone missed out greatly but don’t worry Joel is doing his pick of the week every for another two Fridays 12th and 19th of February more details at http://www.comedy-festival.co.uk/