Ever since I heard ‘Breathe’ by Matt Corby after it premiered on an episode of Pretty Little Liars, I downloaded all of Corby’s ‘Into the Flame’ and ‘Resolution’ EP. So, I was pretty excited to see Corby play at The Institute at Birmingham.

Corby appeared on stage wearing an oversized jumper, with hair like Kurt Cobain and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, he looked every inch the Australian he is famed for.

The supporting band ‘Chartreuse’ performed a bizarre, ambient set that at times dulled in mood and then picked back up again. Their striped candy lighting added a very dreamlike feel and although people talked throughout the set, it was an interesting listen.

‘Monday’ was once described, as “lush, transcendent harmonies, wailing falsetto, folky boom-claps, and heartbreaking lyrics”, which in case of the Tuesday show, is pretty accurate. I hate to say that one singer is spookily similar to another one but Matt’s performance of this song is reminiscent of Hozier. Corby’s vocals are incredibly powerful; you could even forgive him for not needing a microphone, this only adds to the cool atmosphere of the night.

As the show continued and people became more interested (I knew this, because the crowd was shoulder to shoulder), Matt stormed through his set, old and new. His new album ‘Telluric’ for which Monday originates has plenty of cool, ambient tones perfect for a chilled night watching the sunset. The set lights at times even mimicked the sunset with oranges sliding into purples and midnight blues.

He finished the night with ‘A change is gonna come’ cover, which he jokingly stopped halfway through. The gig did definitely not disappoint me and I actually enjoyed Corby’s set more than I thought I would. Matt Corby’s debut album ‘Telluric’ is now available to buy.