If you’re a fan of stand-up comedy what I am about to tell you is no secret, but if you’re not or if you have just started getting into comedy I’m going to open Pandora’s box for you.

I call it Pandora’s box because I am opening up a world of procrastination and distraction from university work but at the bottom of the box you will find the wonderful comedy gold that Netflix has to offer.

You may know John Mulaney from Saturday Night Live and he is a comedy genius. Mulaney has a stage presence that amateur comedians dream of having. Shimmying his shoulders to emphasise the real estates “fun mum’ energy will have you crying with laughter and your sides aching.

There is an intimacy to his show, however, that makes you feel as if he’s talking to a friend, as he invites you to poke holes in the logic of Back to the Future or the power move his father pulled in McDonald’s drive-thru. He really does know how to work the stage, especially for TV.

Mulaney’s father feature a lot in his comedy and you can tell that he was a big influence in his upbringing. The anecdotes he tells about his dad and Bill Clinton are honestly some of the best-delivered lines I’ve seen and will have you literally crying with laughter.

The title The Comeback Kid is left unexplained to the audience as I believe Mulaney doesn’t need to explain it. It’s very simple, John Mulaney had a TV show, and then he didn’t. This I suppose is his comeback tour but he doesn’t focus on it, he’s over it, we’re over it, let’s move on and save it for the promotional tour.

Speaking to comedian Joel Dommett on the lead up to Dave Leicester Comedy Festival we spoke about the vast amounts of talent that appear on Netflix every week and how it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the new stuff that keeps on appearing and it’s true.

If you are an avid comedian or you’re just into watching stand-up comedy I would recommend delving a bit deeper into Netflix’s archives and you will find so much talent I promise.