Can you describe what you’re like as a band?

Matt (Vocals): It’s rock and roll man, there’s not a lot to it. It’s not really something we want people to think about too much, in terms of throwing genres at it. I think what you see is what you get really; just four dudes playing the guitar, bass, drums and singing.

Have you got any musical influences that’ve affected your music?

Matt: Yeah, definitely. It changes all the time, you’ve obviously got your Nirvanas, Arcade Fires and Led Zeppelins that get you into music in the first place. But then, for example I really like the new The Weeknd track that he did with Daft Punk, ‘I Feel It Coming’. Then there’s a band called Otherkin that we played with in Ireland that we’re good friends with, and they really influence us, I just can’t stop listening to them. It’s funny when you look back what influences actually tend to trickle into your music.

Elliot (Bass): Yeah, it’s like a cocktail of all the music around you, for example if you listen to the radio, a hook from one terrible song could just stay with you and influence you into making something great. It comes from all over the place.

Matt: It’s subconscious really, like if you wanted to write a song in a certain style it usually seems to come out sounding a bit contrived and not so good. You need to ignore your expectations and just let the song develop how it develops really.

Who are all your individual inspirations?

Matt: For me it has to be Bruce Springsteen. I like him in the way that he pioneered being a frontman with a guitar.

Elliot: John Paul Jones, from Led Zeppelin as I’m a bassist. I think the way he plays is pretty revolutionary in terms of rock music. His rhythms are great; he’s amazing as a bassist.

Joe (Drums): Apart from the obvious ones, I like a drummer from a band called Middle Class Rut. He’s really influenced the way I play in some of our songs. Other than that, obviously Dave Grohl.

Chris (Guitar): I’ve been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd recently, and Dave Gilmour is great. The solo on Time is my favourite of all time.

If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Elliot: You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine by Death From Above, definitely.

Joe: For the song content, definitely (What’s the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis.

Matt: Now! 64. Although a special mention has to go to Yesterday by The Beatles, I love that song.

Chris: It’s a tricky question. Probably Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

How do you feel about touring with Jimmy Eat World?

Matt: Well tonight is our last night with Jimmy Eat World, and it’s one of those moments where you get over the last hurdle and you think ‘Wow, that was awesome’. I really appreciate playing huge venues like this one now. We’re really looking forward to tonight and it looks like a really cool place to play.

Have you enjoyed the tour so far then?

Elliot: Yeah, it’s been great; we’ve been playing to full rooms every night which is much better than we expected. As a support band you never really know how many people you’ll be playing to, but it’s been great so far, playing in all of these really cool venues.

Have you learned anything from Jimmy Eat World on this tour?

Matt: Yeah, they’re so consistent. It’s all very poetic being unpredictable, but at the end of the day you want everyone to have the best chance of spending their money well and having a good time. Also playing larger venues has helped, you really need to project yourself. In a bar everyone can see you, but if you’re at the back of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, for example, you need to be really larger than life to give them more of a show. You’ve got to occupy the space, which doesn’t necessarily mean running about all over the place or changing positions, just projecting yourself more.

And finally, what’s next for you after this tour?

Elliot: Yeah, we’ve got loads of things planned, we have a new single coming out called ‘Little Something’, then a whole set of shows we’re headlining in December. We’re going to Europe in February, and then we begin working on our debut album, and playing festivals next year. It’s very busy and there’ll be loads of things in between all of that, but yeah, things are looking good.