From a quick glance, it’s easy to see that Frank Carter’s discography is eclectic. He first caught our attention spearheading the British hardcore punk scene as the frontman for Gallows. Leaving the band due to musical differences was made clear with Frank’s next outing, Pure Love, a light indie project unfortunately only lasting one album. It was a complete change from what we’d seen previously of Frank and proved that he is more than a one-trick pony.

Carter’s third and current band, The Rattlesnakes, are a perfect blend of Frank’s musical past. 2015’s debut album Blossom provided punk instrumentation and vocals with a cool indie persona; earning the band a place on the Reading & Leeds main stage or “The big boy’s stage” as Frank put it.

The new album, Modern Ruin, is a reflection of Carter’s mixed musical past and his most personal record yet. The album starts with a light poetry intro track before descending into the heavy riff of ‘Lullaby’. This balancing act of intense punk sounds with delicate lyricism poses as the overarching theme of the album and can be seen best first single ‘Snake Eyes’; a song about the complexity of humans. Carter’s soft whispering juxtaposed instantly with shouting not only displays his ability as a singer but also a songwriter.

The record is move away from Blossom with less aggression and distortion. Tracks such as the dramatic album closer ‘Neon Rust’ may be a shock to the hardcore fans, however, The Rattlesnakes bring their signature sound and Carter’s incredible persona with as much passion as before. The songs will show their true colours in the upcoming UK tour in March; the band are notorious for their live shows so it won’t be one you want to miss. Modern Ruin is a colossal album from one of the most promising bands in UK right now.

Best Tracks: Lullaby, Snake Eyes, God Is My Friend, Modern Ruin