I had high hopes for Amber Run’s second album For A Moment I Was Lost after ‘Haze’ was released way back in October last year. Following that, their next four single releases have received high praise and generated much excitement for this album. Despite the loss of a key member, they have bounced straight back and from the smooth, solemn harmonies of Haze, to the rowdy guitars of ‘Perfect‘; this album fits right into their distinct style.

Insomniac‘ brings an upbeat beginning to the album, but flows seamlessly on to the contrasting darkness of ‘No Answers‘ which we got a glimpse of prior to release. At this point we’re yet to hear those beautiful harmonies Amber Run are so well loved for – but soon enough, ‘Fickle Game‘ (which we already heard and, let’s face it, fell in love with back in January) restores our faith. Following this there are beautiful harmonies all over, with ‘Dark Bloom‘ bringing in an air of Radiohead at some points. Of course, we can’t forget ‘Haze‘ – with the “blue haze” metaphor for depression, real depth is added to such a short song.

The real stand out for me, however, was ‘Machine‘; the guitar at the beginning is so tender and paired with lead singer Joe Keogh’s stripped back vocals it brings a raw beauty which is truly heart-wrenching. It could bring a tear to the toughest lads eye.

The final song, ‘Wastelands‘, is once again lyrically heart-breaking and brings the album to an effortless close.

It is Amber Run’s unique song writing talent that pulls at the heartstrings alongside Keogh’s positively haunting voice which really sets them apart from your average, generic indie band. Clearly the band have put an unbelievable amount of effort into creating and perfecting this album which has left it with a beautiful, polished finish.