De Montfort University based student media group raised over £1000 for two very worthwhile charities, Mind and Coping With Cancer

Two weeks ago, award winning student media group, Demon Media, orchestrated one of the biggest projects they’ve ever undertaken as a broadcast media group: a 20 hour charity television livestream, akin to Children In Need, taking place during the annual University RAG week alongside other groups on campus.

Coined ‘The Great RAG Challenge’ the telethon was a cumulation of several months worth of planning and work and the final result was put on in aid of Mind and Coping With Cancer.

Mind is a charity that specialises in helping those experiencing mental health problems by providing phone lines and direct support, legal advice and local support groups, as well as campaigning for change and battling the stigma attached to Mental Illnesses.

Coping with Cancer is a local Leicester charity that provides practical and emotional support for individuals and families affected by cancer.

The running total currently stands (as of 9th March 2017) at £1,070.71. Donations are still open and you can donate at

Donations are currently closed.

The broadcast was a mixture of live segments; with presenters, shows and challenges taking place throughout the 20 hours, and pre recorded spoofs of some popular TV shows such as ‘Impractical Jokers’, ‘Taskmaster’, ‘Nevermind the Buzzcocks’ and ‘QI’.

Quni, a spoof of popular quiz show QI and one of the shows created for The Great RAG Challenge.
(From Left) Charlie Hayes, Abi Sandler, (Host) Gage K. Holland, Dan Gardiner, Jayzea Bryson.

The shows produced were some of the highest quality the Demon TV production team have ever made and were a fantastic opportunity for Demon Media members (from across the three strands: Magazine, TV and Radio) to get involved in writing and producing shows as well as working on the floor and gallery of a TV studio. For some, these were completely new experiences and skills.

Phoebe Lindley, DemonFM Weekend Assistant Producer and first year member of Demon Media joined the broadcast as part of the large roster of on screen talent, presenting and acting in a number of segments as well as operating behind the scenes for a number of shows. She said: “It was an incredible experience. Not only did it give me the chance to learn skills I’d never get to do in my daily life as a student, but doing it surrounded by so much talent and such an amazing atmosphere made the experience one in a million.”

Tom Evers, a first year and a presenter on the drivetime show, the Home Run, on DemonFM was also part of a large group of first years and first time members who have begun to learn the ropes from Demon Media veterans. “The experience of RAG was amazing, not only did I get to present, I also got to lead the tech at times. Considering I’m a fresher and (I’ve) only being here for 6 months, I’ve achieved so much, and I look forward to being in the future of Demon.”

Tom Evers (Left) and Ashton Matthews (Right); First year DMU students who both took roles behind the scenes and on camera.
Photography by Kat Evans.

Following on from the success of Demons In Space last year, was a tremendous task and placed a lot of pressure on all those involved.

Technical issues arose at the start of the stream which meant that the show, originally intended to start for 5pm, didn’t start until closer to 8pm, causing minor concern for producers of live shows.

This didn’t deter the group as a whole and members of the (largely volunteer) technical and broadcast team were able to get the show up and running.

(From Left) Mike Mayes, Martins Pepernieks and Amaan Rashid participating in one of the many live challenges during the charity broadcast. Photography by Kat Evans.

20 hours, 25 shows, 40+ tins of beans and many wax strips later, Demon Media is extremely proud of the broadcast and the money raised will be going to two fantastic causes. The show has also provided a platform for many members to learn and hone media skills and given them an experience they’re unlikely to forget.

If you missed any of the shows or highlights, they’re available on the DemonTV YouTube Channel or in the playlist below.